Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

At Optimum Dialysis Training Academy:

Your training starts right here in our simulation lab. Traditionally, dialysis facilities have used an apprenticeship model, where making and subsequently learning from mistakes may be at the disadvantage of a patient and the learner.

Simulation labs challenge this dynamic by placing you in a safe environment where you perform supervised clinical simulations, made realistic through the use of technology.

For many, the step from learning to direct patient care, Is the greatest dilemma many unskilled dialysis technicians encounter.

The application is a significant tool. Through the use of simulation labs, you gain comfort and skills pertaining to real scenarios that may happen. You will be using the same equipment used in a dialysis facility.  

The biggest and best practice with simulation is that it allows you the capability to learn and fail; you can reset after a mistake and not cause real-world damage or danger.

We have partnered with dialysis companies to give you hands-on experience after theory and simulation have been mastered.

In education today, simulation is an essential tool.