1. Dialysis Technician Professionalism

  2. Quality Standards, CMS, ESRD, NETWORKS

  3. Patient Care Technician Certification requirements and process

  4. Renal Anatomy and Physiology

  5. Manifestations of kidney failure

  6. Treatment modality options for people with end-stage renal disease

    • Hemodialysis

      Transplantation, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Home Hemodialysis
  7. Renal Nutrition

  8. Patient Education

  9. Principles of Dialysis, Complications of Dialysis, Hemodialysis devices, and types of equipment.

  10. Vascular Access Management

  11. Infection Control – Standards of Practice

  12. Water Treatment

Practical Experiences


Onsite hands-on practice skills


  1. Preparation and set up of dialysis machines

  2. Cannulation techniques

  3. Infection control techniques and practices

  4. Dialysis Patient Assessment and Observations

  5. Dialysis treatment required documentation

  6. Responding to dialysis complications

  7. Cleaning and Disinfection of dialysis equipments

Dialysis Technicians Role

  • The maintenance of dialysis equipment

  • The reprocessing of the dialyzer

  • Prepping the patient for the dialysis treatment.

  • Cleaning the dialysis machine before during and after dialysis treatment has taken place

  • Cleaning and maintaining the surrounding patient area.

  • Monitoring the water treatment process.

  • Monitoring the vascular access of the patient.

  • Taking quality care of the patient, before during and after treatment.

Optimum Dialysis Training Academy Lab Day

Excellent Job Security

The field of dialysis is a growing industry with excellent job security. You will find working in the healthcare field to be rewarding not only by providing care to others but with the potential for professional self-advancement in the healthcare industry.

Our program consists of two phases: over 100 hours of classroom instruction with fully qualified instructors followed by 150 hours of clinical simulation experience.

Single Discipline Training

We offer one distinct focus; hemodialysis. Choosing a school with only one specific career path in healthcare brings a unique benefit to students. A single-discipline training setting provides a truly individualized program that cannot be duplicated

Clinical externship in a dialysis center is      not included in the program.

Education is what remains when what one has forgotten what one has learned in school.