BONENT Optimum Dialysis Trainin  Academy Program Texas

Free BONENT CHT Exam Review for ODTA/Dialysis Technician Graduates


What certifications will I recieve?

Through our program, you’ll become eligible to take the following exam:

Will Graduating from a BONENT approved program help me get a job?

certifications will prove you're capable and show that you're committed to a career path, well versed in it, and knowledgeable. As those certifications grow to require experience and dedication to earn, they're exponentially more valuable and prove that you're familiar with industry best practices, 

The bottom line is that certifications can help you get a job. They showcase a certain skill level that can beat out the biggest competition. They also help you build valuable skills that will prove the claims stated on your resume.


BONENT Approved Training Programs Certification

BONENT has approved specific nephrology educational programs for use in the initial certification process.

Exam applicants who complete this training program may apply to take the BONENT exam upon successful completion of the program.